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Renderings of the Natick Collection 2007 Expansion

New renderings:

The following renderings were released by the Natick Collection (then known as Natick) in November 2006:


"This one of a kind store front designed for Neiman Marcus by Elkus-Manfredi Architects is inspired by the luxurious folds of a woman's skirt."


"Under the "rolling hills" of Natick's new ceiling, this remarkable feature elevator rises from the gem-themed underground parking areas like a canary diamond. This feature elevator is surrounded by floating birch leaves - a tree native to the Town of Natick."


"Gemstone colors like topaz and rubies theme these welcoming entries. Sheltered, convenient parking under the new expansion area provides direct access to Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and other luxury retailers."


"Two sleek new entrances off Speen Street will each be flanked with full service restaurants and valet service."


"Beautiful wood floors and birch tree 'groves' grace the second level while glass balustrades offer an elegant, peaceful shopping experience."


"Natick will offer luxury shopping, dining, and living. In February 2008, 215 luxury condominums will open with direct access to shopping at Natick!"

Older renderings:

Natick Mall Expansion proposed frontage to Speen St.

The facade of the new Natick Mall Expansion, showing the Nordstrom store in the foreground. This is actually the Speen Street intersection at present, Sears would be seen the left of the rendering if it was extended that far. Note the parking in Parking Area D in front of the Nordstrom store, along with the two apartment complexes in the background. Source: Natick Mall Website

New Nordstrom Store

A small rendering of the proposed Nordstrom store, with one of the apartment buildings in the background. Source: MWDN Website

New Nordstrom Store

Essentially the same rendering as above, but in black and white and with somewhat a better view of the apartment buildings. Not sure what side of the building this is, but I'm pretty sure it is the front. Source: MWDN Paper (4/25/04)

Walkway connecting new mall with old mall

This rendering shows the proposed walkway along the side of the mall and then crossing Flutie Pass right before the Macy's store in the distance. The walkway is expected to connect to both Macy's and Parking Garage B. Source: MWDN Paper (2/10/05)

Floorplans of Proposed Expansion

Here are the floorplans for the complex, with Neiman Marcus as the north anchor and Nordstrom as the south anchor. Parking for the mall on Parking Deck D looks very limited, so there must by considerably more spaces in Parking Deck E, which is in essence the underground garage. On the right side of the mall you can see the two apartment complex towers as well as "Townhouses", not sure what that will be, perhaps two floors of larger residences. Source: MWDN Paper (2/10/05)

The facade, facing Speen St.

Here is a rendering of the building's facade, as seen from Speen Street. The buildings in the front will be the main corridor of the expanded mall, which will include around 80 retailers, 4 main restaurants, Neiman Marcus (as seen on the right) and Nordstrom (seen in the center). Source: Natick Mall

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