Why Everyone Loves Tumblr

News 03:06 June 2024:

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While I was giving consideration to join the Tumblr ecosystem and get a number of free Tumblr likes and followers, thought about my adventures on social media popped up. Social media has given me the most exciting experience as far as the era of the internet and social media is concerned. We first begun with chat rooms, forum followed and Friendster came in. what followed next was Myspace and Blogger, Facebook and Twitter also erupted. All these social network platforms made me fit in the group and I got along with them all as I connected to various diverse culture of this glob. However, none of these platforms made me feel better and spoke to me the way I would have wished. Then along Tumblr comes in. to tell the fact, I got swoon. It has given me the experience of a lifetime. In this article am stating to you of the things that makes everyone in social media go gaga and love Tumblr. The list cannot be exhaustive.

1.    I love the fact that I can share playlists to Tumblr

Tumblr will give you an amazing experience for your playlist. It has a share button feature that with a simple click on it will allow you to share the playlist and get people listening and giving you more free Tumblr likes than you ever thought. For SoundCloud users, you can include artwork for the playlist that you share on Tumblr due to the SoundCloud’s visual player, which is a default on Tumblr. 

2.    You can post to Tumblr manually

It’s quite interesting to know that as a Facebook user, you can post your posts manually. All you need to do is to have a Facebook page or a personal profile you are managing. Then you can now copy the track or playlist URL and post it to your timeline. Where Tumblr comes in is where you can share your track manually to Tumblr when creating a new post by copying your tracks URL and post into the audio section. This will make your music reach very many audiences and give your followers to your Tumblr, giving you the advantage of enjoying free Tumblr likes. Tumblr will allow you to tag users and help them discover your new tracks easily.

3.    The experience to add videos from other platforms is also amazing

You can embed your videos from an external service to skip the limitations of Tumblr in videos sharing. It’s quite lovely to note that your followers can watch your videos directly from Tumblr page once posted and embedded. Use services such as Vimeo and YouTube to share your videos on Tumblr and get that free Tumblr likes flowing.

4.    Tumblr is easy to use

If you thought Spotify and Instagram are the only social media platform you can easily share your videos, then you haven’t heard about Tumblr. In fact, I didn’t know Tumblr could be that easy to use until I tried it. I found out that posting videos is very easy and this has taken my love for Tumblr way far. Almost addicted! When posting your videos, drop the URL embedded into the download area and hit the post tab and you are don. It’s the same with pictures too. For the blog post, you don’t need to worry. Tumblr gives you HTML capabilities as well as WYSIWYG editor that makes it easier for you. Tumblr also gives you a unique email you can use to send any post and it will publish your posts automatically.

5.    Connecting with people

Twitter has been thought to connect people more than Facebook can. Twitter will allow you to meet diverse people and share experiences with new people globally. Facebook, on the other hand, will only give you an opportunity to connect with people you already know and those you knew back then and can reconnect with. Looking at this two, you might think that there is no other social media platform that will give you an experience of a lifetime. Well, we have Tumblr. Tumblr might be similar to Twitter as far as connecting with people is concerned. However, Tumblr is better since it helps you connect with people with similar interests which is not easy with Twitter since you have to search for hashtags to achieve this.

You can’t exhaust the things that give you love for Tumblr. However, you’ll have to go an extra mile as far as free Tumblr likes are concerned.

Why Spotify Rocks

Wow! To start with, am a music lover. This only makes me keep wondering where I could have been without Spotify and those free Spotify likes. Am really enjoying my time there, it actually rocks. Don’t take it as a joke, guys, am very serious here, Spotify is the best way to go with your music to expand your experience. Keep on reading and see my reasons as to why Spotify rocks, and you will have that app installed right away and switch over if you haven’t done it yet.

1.    Personalized playlist

This fact alone will give you a good idea of why Spotify rocks. Use Spotify to make your music get out there to a variety of social media fans. You will have those free Spotify likes streaming in each week since Spotify will create you a playlist based on the music you save and use every day. Isn’t that amazing? Where just like other clouded platforms like SoundCloud allows you to create your playlist, Spotify allows u an experience to mix your favorite music just in one place without much hustle.

2.    YouTube is great but Spotify is amazing

Yes, with YouTube you have to search for the music you aim to listen to at that particular moment. But think about Spotify. If you never knew this, then am giving you a clue to go and try. Come on, stop thinking about free Spotify likes all the time. Spotify actually gives you a playlist for every mood you are in. wondering how? It has some playlists created already, and it’s dedicated to every genre and mood you might be in. From songs, you can sing while driving, in the shower, and a list to fit your every mood.

3.    Connecting with your friends

When considering Spotify, don’t be just after free Spotify likes. Think about the experience you get while connecting and sharing with your friends on other social media platforms. Spotify allows you to connect your Facebook account, and what this means is that even if you forgot the title of the music you went listening with your friend while on a hike or even on a ride, you will be able to see what your friends are listening to. Linking your Facebook account is one of the best things you can do with your Spotify account. It will help you to listen to even more music.

4.    Spotify is a cross-platform

It is totally right to say that Spotify is in existence to be everywhere. Many social media platforms Claim to be cross-platforms, but what this translates to is that they are iOS and Android apps and maybe web app.   But looking at them keenly, it’s plain to note that Spotify has been able to break the conventional boundaries and has allowed users to engage with their music beyond any other app. Spotify rocks because with it, you actually don’t need a phone to initiate playback. You can use smart home hardware to do the job for you and of course, there are several non-phone devices that can run Spotify.

Vimeo, Spotify like other platforms in the market today, can also be used for branding.If you ever thought, it’s not possible then am not sorry to say you are wrong. Try to be creative, and find various ways that you can successfully use and channel your content through Spotify. Let the brand act as a curator for their community. Just try to leverage the content shared and engage with consumers and let them get that good feeling of who you are. You will get your brand going and growing in this competitive market we are in today.

Other than free Spotify likes, there are quite a number of reasons why you will find Spotify amazing and the best music sharing and listening app you will ever find in the global world today. It has become the most popular streaming service with the most popular music from popular artists. Don’t just get so glued to Snapchat, Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Try Spotify to take your social media experience to another level and keep having more fun.

To sum up, it is very important to know that just like other music streaming apps, Spotify also needs your time for you to be able to get those free Spotify likes.